Founded in 1968

CTH was founded in 1968 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, when two businesses managed by the Teijsen and Van den Hengel families decided to join forces. Over the years that followed, this ‘Combinatie Teijsen v.d. Hengel’, CTH for short, steadily grew and became a trusted specialist in collecting, processing and selling natural casings for the sausage industry as well as meat by-products.

In the 1980s CTH moved to a new, state-of-the-art plant in the city of Almere, about 30 km northeast of Amsterdam. Over the years, subsidiaries were launched in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Portugal, China, the USA and Brazil. CTH developed into a global company with a strong focus on export and an extensive network of suppliers and customers all over Europe and on other continents.

Today, CTH is a flexible organization with a complete portfolio of high-quality products. Being a market leader, CTH is always on the move trying to find new opportunities and new products to fulfil the role of a turnkey supplier that today’s market requires. 

A part of Darling Ingredients

In 2014, CTH became a part of the current Darling Ingredients, the world’s largest producer of sustainable natural ingredients from edible & inedible organic residuals and a respected global leader in repurposing. The roots of Darling Ingredients go back to 1882 and the founding of rendering company Ira C. Darling & Company in Chicago, Illinois, which over the years was to evolve into today’s Darling Ingredients.

Over the years, Darling Ingredients has expanded its business from traditional rendering operations to include a wide range of products and services around the world. Darling now offers a global portfolio of over 400 products and services for the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries that are used in businesses and homes around the world every day.

A global leader and innovator

With a legacy of over a century, Darling Ingredients has emerged as a global leader and innovator in the field of sustainable organic ingredients, providing quality products and services to processing industries around the world. Our critical and environmentally safe solutions for the removal and sustainable use of agricultural, industrial and food by-products help protect the food and feed chains, keep people and animals safe, and benefit people, businesses and the environment.

A legacy of service to global industries

Over the years, Darling Ingredients has expanded its business from traditional rendering operations to include a wide range of innovative residuals-to-resources services around the world. In January of 2014, Darling Ingredients expanded its operations to span five continents.

Improving your Solutions. Naturally.

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