Asian best-sellers, European niche suppliers

Our food grade meat by-products are enjoyed by consumers and valued by manufacturers all over the world. In Asia, we market our meat by-products under our official veterinary approval number, EG31. On the Asian meat delicacies market, EG31 is a benchmark of taste and quality.  

Flavors of excellence

Whatever your requirements in terms of taste, product specifications, quality or volume, CTH is equipped to meet them – and to give you and your customers an excellent food experience. Here are just a few examples of food markets & niches that rely on CTH for casings and edible meat by-products:

  • CTH provides makers of Italy’s ‘king of cured meats’, culatello ham – which are dried in 500-year-old caves – with pig bladders, in which these most expensive of salamis are traditionally cased.
  • In many East European countries, our pork, beef and lamb tripe are prized ingredients for traditional soups and stews, such as Poland’s delectable flaczki soup, which has been a favorite among Poles since the 14th century.
  • A delicacy relished by some, hated by others and recognized by all for its strong odor, France’s grey andouille sausage is traditionally made with onions, wine, seasoning – and pig chitterlings and tripe supplied to this niche market by CTH. 
  • Meat by-products for food manufacturers

    Our meat by-products are highly popular in Asia, where pork and beef products such as stomachs and tripes are enjoyed as a delicacy. We also sell our meat by-products in Europe for meat processing and food applications. 

  • Meat by-products for pet food manufacturers

    Pet owners simply want the best for their animals and our cat and dog friends just cannot resist our ingredients. CTH’s meat by-products are highly sought-after, essential ingredients for high-quality pet food. 

  • Meat by-products for pharmaceutical manufacturers

    Meat by-products have been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. Today, they are still the basis for many specific pharmaceutical products.