High-quality sheep casings

Our high quality sheep casings are produced in accordance with our customers’ specifications. They come in different quality grades for both fine emulsion productions, such as Frankfurters, and coarse grade sausages, including fresh sausages such as Chipolatas, Merguez or breakfast sausages.

  • Strictly selected, full caliber range from 16/18 to 26/28 mm
  • Different quality grades from A to BC
  • Dry salted bundles or soft- and hard-tubes 
  • Ready-to-use material; easy-fill bundles in vacuum bags
  • Standard bundles with a length of 100 yards (91.4 meters, 1 hank)
  • Tailor-made according to our customers’ specifications

Suitable for automatic filling lines and available in small units, too

We supply casings which are suitable for automatic filling lines. This is long stranded material on easy tube, specially prepared for a fast and secure application in the sausage factory. If you’re a sausage producer with a smaller production, such as a butchery, we supply smaller units in vacuum bags, pots or buckets. 

We’re happy to offer you advice on the best method of packaging and preparation. For inquiries or more information, please contact us

Caliber availability

16/18 mm
18/20 mm
20/22 mm
22/24 mm
24/26 mm
26/28 mm

Quality    General product application 
A              Fine emulsion (Frankfurter)
AB            Ground course emulsion (Chipolata)
BC            Ground course emulsion (Dry sausage) 

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