Beef rounds CS 36/38 to 46+ mm

Raw material: Natural Casing Products

Appearance: Tailored

Application: Range of superior raw, cooked and boiled sausages

Market: Food Specialty Producers, Sausage Companies

Function: Techno-functional

Origin: Beef - Veal

Beef & Horse product information

CTH is globally trusted as the provider of a full range of strictly selected calibers of long-stranded material suitable for all kinds of automatic filling lines. Our experience, expertise, and close cooperation with customers enable us to offer tailored, ready-to-use solutions, such as easy-fill bundles, casings in vacuum bags, or casings on soft or hard tubes.

  • Full range of calibers, from 34/36 to 46+ mm
  • Available in 80-meter bundles or 50-meter nets
  • Beef casings: beef bung caps, beef rounds, and beef middles
Beef roundsBeef MiddlesBeef Bung Caps
34/36 mm50/55 mm95 /115 mm
36/38 mm55/60 mm 115/130 mm
38/40 mm60/65 mm130/+ mm
40/43 mm65/+ mm 
43/46 mm  
46/+ mm  
ACooked sausage
ABDry sausage


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