Sheep food specialties f.e. tripes, kidneys, fats and more

Raw material: Meat-By Products

Appearance: Stock frozen

Application: Local Food Specialties NL 31 EG

Market: Food Specialty Producers

Function: Nutri-functional

Origin: Sheep

Meat by-products local food specialties

Looking to improve flavor, texture or depth of your food application, meat by-products are a surefire way to do it. Our high-quality products, such as stomach or tripe, are sold across the world and used in numerous best-selling delicacies and niche food markets. By sourcing fresh materials and processing them ourselves, according to the highest quality standards at our own facilities, we supply you with only the safest, special meat by-products.

  • Local food specialties NL 31 EG 
    f.e. stomach, tripe, lung lob, pizzle, snout, spleen, testicle and other
  • Traditional food ingredients
    f.e. bladder, chitterling and other

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