Beef & horse casings of finest South-American quality

We offer a complete range of beef and horse casings of the finest South-American quality. These wide casings are traditionally used for both dry and cooked sausages such as Mettwurst, Kochwurst, Cooked Sausage Ring, blood sausage and liver sausage. 

  • Full range of calibers, from 36/38 to 46+ mm
  • Available in 80 meter bundles or 50 meter nets
  • Beef casings: beef bung caps, beef rounds and beef middles

We’re happy to offer you advice on the best product and packaging. For inquiries or more information, please contact us

Caliber Availability (mm)

Beef rounds          Beef middles      Beef bung caps
36/38                       50/55                     95/115
38/40                       55/60                     115/130
40/43                       60/65                     130+
43/46                       -                             -
46+                          -                             -      

Quality General product application

A            Cooked sausage
AB          Dry sausage

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