Our fat-ends and after-ends are produced in a traditional, high quality fashion. The fat ends are especially suitable for producing dry sausages, such as Salzichon and Lomo, or cooked sausages, such as Hausmacher. Our after ends are especially sought after for the production of dry and cooked sausages like as Saucisse de Morteau and Saucisse à cuire.

Hog fat-ends 

  • Well-calibrated material, from 50/55 to 75/80 mm
  • Filling weights from 800/1000 to 2500+ grams
  • Tied, with or without loop

Hog after-ends

  • Well calibrated material, from 40/43 to 70/+80 mm
  • Different lengths from 20cm to 65cm
  • Tied, with cheville (wooden pin) or 8 meter bundles

Traditionally produced fat-ends & after-ends

We produce premium quality fat-ends and after-ends in cooperation with our customers from the industry. All of our products are produced to customer standards and according to traditional methods.

For more information about our fat-ends and after-ends download here our leaflet

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