We know how much reliability matters to you

Working with ingredients for food, pet food and pharma solutions sold worldwide, we at CTH know how much our reliability matters to you – and to your customers. Every day, we do everything we can to ensure that we will meet and exceed your expectations.

The secret of premium quality & unforgettable flavor

There are many reasons why CTH is recognized as a supplier of world-class, delicious casings and meat by-products for food and pet food sectors and of safe solutions for the pharma industry. First, we select the very best suppliers we can find, recognizing raw material control as a key to ensuring the quality and range our customers expect. Second, rather than simply having their materials delivered to us, we set up our own units inside these slaughterhouses. The CTH staff working in these units – all of whom we train ourselves – understand what matters when it comes to ensuring freshness, safety and unforgettable flavor in meat delicacies and processing ingredients. At our own sorting and processing plants, we then finish the job, offering our customers a rich assortment of products, sizes, packaging solutions and flavors.