Adding value to your products and processes

CTH is an experienced specialist in collecting, processing and selling natural casings for the sausage industry as well as meat by-products for food, pet food and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We believe that in the markets we serve simply putting a product on the market is not enough: managing the entire production chain – from raw material sourcing to processing to sales and after-sales – has become vital.

Unsurpassed freshness, full traceability

All our products come from carefully selected and processed fresh raw materials. Uniquely, we source our materials directly at the slaughter line and process them at our own facilities. Naturally, we make sure every animal from which we source food grade materials has been approved for human consumption.

A global turn-key supplier

With offices around the world, CTH is a turn-key supplier for our customers in the meat processing and other food industries, as well as in the pet food and the pharmaceutical industries. Product quality, safety, reliability and sustainability are our key drivers. We’re here to improve your solutions. Naturally.

Our distinctive features: unique integration with the slaughter line, unsurpassed freshness, full traceability, complete product portfolio.

We're here to improve your Solutions. Naturally.

A part of Darling Ingredients

CTH is a part of Darling Ingredients, a global leader and innovator in repurposing both edible and inedible organic residuals into sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredients for a growing population.