Local delicacies marked with NL-31-EG

Asian best-sellers, European niche suppliers

Across the world, there are many different attitudes towards meat by-products. Some ignore these products, while others, for example in Asia, give them starring roles in regional delicacies. At CTH, we’re proud to say that our meat by-products are enjoyed across the world.


In Asia, our products are marketed under the official veterinary approval number, EG31, a benchmark of taste and quality.


Flavors of excellence

If you’re in the food industry, you know the power of flavor – and that ingredients with strong flavor qualities shouldn’t be ignored. Meat by-products are such ingredients. Offering a rich range of tastes, they can be used in a variety of specialty dishes or products. Here are some examples:

  • In Eastern European, our pork, beef, and lamb tripe are prized ingredients for traditional soups and stews, such as Poland’s delectable flaczki soup – a favorite among Poles since the 14th century.
  • CTH plays a key role in the production of Italy’s ‘King of cured meats’, culatello ham, which is dried in 500-year-old caves. CTH provides the Italian butchers with pig bladders, in which this most expensive of salamis is traditionally cased.
  • A delicacy relished by some, hated by others, and recognized by all for its strong odor, France’s grey andouille sausage is traditionally made with onions, wine, seasoning – and pig chitterlings and tripe supplied by CTH. 

You can rely on us for tasty meat by-products

A wide array of fresh, appetizing, value-adding ingredients – all 100% natural and traceable.

From pig chitterlings for France’s andouille soup to pork, beef, or lamb tripe for stews and other delicacies, our carefully selected, natural meat by-products are relished as taste and value-adders by consumers and manufacturers worldwide.

Products and a supplier you can trust

At CTH, we carefully select and process all fresh raw materials ourselves. Unlike other producers, we source our materials directly from the slaughter line before processing them at our own facilities. By thus managing the entire supply chain, we can offer you maximum freshness, outstanding quality, full traceability, and sustainability – all at a competitive price. By choosing us as your supplier, you can count on reliable and value-adding natural products from a trusted processor and supplier.

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