Highly functional pharma ingredients of animal origin you can trust

As a pharma manufacturer, you know the importance of reliable, high-quality pharmaceuticals. Around the world, millions of lives depend upon your products, so the need for quality, safety, and reliability is indisputable. We understand this pressure and are committed to providing you with what you need to produce premium pharma solutions: first-class ingredients of animal origin, tailored to your needs. Together with our sister company Hepac, we are perfectly equipped to help you take your pharma solution to the next level.

Unmatched traceability

In medicine, safe and clean pharmaceuticals are a vital necessity. In today’s world of increasing transparency, you need to guarantee your clients the full traceability of your products. With many years of experience and expertise in the animal materials processing industry, we have developed strict safety procedures as well as a unique production process seamlessly integrated in the slaughterhouse. The result is unmatched traceability: your customers can rest assured that your pharma products are dependable and safe.

Solutions tailored to you

As your customers depend on your pharma solutions, we make sure you can depend on us. We know you need consistent, quick, and reliable deliveries, efficient services, and tailored products. With consistent supplies of raw materials and effective processes, we can ensure a perfect delivery every time. Our aim is not just to provide you with premium materials, but to add value to your entire business. Simply put, we are dedicated to becoming a partner you can trust: reliable, efficient, and focused on your success.

Find the natural products that suit your requirements

From artisanal sausage makers to leading pharma or pet food manufacturers as producer you require the best possible natural products that you can trust – delicious, healthy, traceable and sustainably produced you can trust – delicious, healthy, traceable and sustainably produced.

You can trust on us for first-class pharma ingredients

Premium pharma ingredients with unmatched traceability and expert technical support.

First-class pharma solutions require high-quality ingredients. We offer all-natural, premium ingredients produced sustainably, extracted with expertise, and with unmatched traceability – all at competitive prices due to our global scale.

Products and a supplier you can trust

At CTH, we carefully select and process all fresh raw materials ourselves. Unlike other producers, we source our materials directly from the slaughter line before processing them at our own facilities. By thus managing the entire supply chain, we can offer you maximum freshness, outstanding quality, full traceability, and sustainability – all at a competitive price. By choosing us as your supplier, you can count on reliable and value-adding natural products from a trusted processor and supplier.

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