Hog After-ends CS 40/43 to 70/80+ mm

Raw material: Fat- & After-ends

Appearance: Tied, with cheville (wooden pin) or bundles of 8 m

Application: Regional sausages f.e. Saucisse de Morteau, Sacisse a Cuirs, Traditional soups and stews f.e. Flacski soup

Market: Food Specialty Producers, Sausage Companies

Function: Techno-functional

Origin: Pork - Hog

Hog after-ends product information

Our hog after-ends are suitable for both dry and cooked sausages, such as Saucisse de Morteau and Saucisse à cuire. We produce them according to the following specifications:

  • Well-calibrated material from 40/43 to 70/+80mm
  • Different lengths from 20cm to 65cm
  • Tied, with cheville (wooden pin) or bundles of 8m
Hog CasingsAfter-EndsFat-Ends
26/28 mm40/43 mm50/55 mm
28/30 mm43/46 mm55/60 mm
32/34 mm46/49 mm60/65 mm
34/36 mm52/55 mm70/75 mm
36/38 mm55/60 mm75/80 mm
36/40 mm60/65 mm 
38/40 mm65/70 mm 
38/42 mm70/75 mm 
40/42 mm75/+ mm 
40/44 mm  
42/44 mm  


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