Pancreas Pork

Raw material: Meat-By Products

Appearance: Stock frozen

Application: Insuline, Pancreatine

Market: Pharmaceuticals

Function: Bio-functional

Origin: Pork - Hog

First-class natural ingredients for insulin

We offer the kind of meat by-products that have played an essential role in medical solutions for centuries – optimized to 21st- century demands and potential. Our outstanding natural ingredients come with robust technical expertise and many years of experience.

Insulin, the benchmark of diabetes medicine, is a key part of the daily routine for millions of diabetes sufferers across the world. If you are producing an insulin solution, you have a responsibility to provide high-quality, safe, reliable, and clean products. Plus, as with any product, you want to ensure the full traceability for the raw animal material used in your insulin product. As your supplier, we aim to provide you with everything you need to ensure that the diabetic can receive premium insulin solutions: with our high-quality ingredients – derived from porcine pancreas glands – you can make a product of the highest quality.


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