Natural, trusted ingredients for lively, happy pets

As a pet food manufacturer on today’s demanding market, you want ingredients and processes you can feel safe with. You want to be able to assure your customers that their pets are getting only the very best of meat by-products. Through deliveries that are consistent in both quality and quantity, and a supply chain that is efficient, transparent, and optimized. With 50 years of experience in pet food markets around the world, we understand that nothing matters to you more than trust.

Find the natural products that suit your requirements

From artisanal sausage makers to leading pharma or pet food manufacturers as producer you require the best possible natural products that you can trust – delicious, healthy, traceable and sustainably produced you can trust – delicious, healthy, traceable and sustainably produced.

Products and a supplier you can trust

At CTH, we carefully select and process all fresh raw materials ourselves. Unlike other producers, we source our materials directly from the slaughter line before processing them at our own facilities. By thus managing the entire supply chain, we can offer you maximum freshness, outstanding quality, full traceability, and sustainability – all at a competitive price. By choosing us as your supplier, you can count on reliable and value-adding natural products from a trusted processor and supplier.

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